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    Published on May 6, 2013
    RITUAL MAGIC release date changed

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    • by Katie Briggs

    RITUAL MAGIC will be out in September.  I know, I know--it was supposed to be out in August. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa . . . I took too long writing it.  What can I say?  Life happened.  Plus the book ran long . . .  longer . . . and yet longer. There's a lot happening in RITUAL MAGIC.  The cast includes Grandmother, Sam, Cullen, Cynna, Al Drummond, Benedict and Arjenie, Toby, Nettie, Lily's parents . . . and of course Rule. That's good, because Lily needs all the help she can get. This time she's up against something her Gift can't protect her from.

    My editor has forgiven me for being late--in fact, she loved the ending so much she said it was worth the delay--but I have to apologize to you, too.  I hope you'll agree that this one was worth waiting for.

    Check out the RITUAL MAGIC page for more info on Book 10 in the World of the Lupi.