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    Minor characters

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    Other characters

    There are gaggles of extra characters that you may run across once or twice in the World of the Lupi. Here's a list of some of them in case you need a reference!

    Lily’s family

    Susan Yu
    Older sister; 32 when she married (book 2.) The perfect one. Dermatologist. Book 2 opens with her wedding reception.

    Elizabeth Yu
    (Beth) Younger sister; 23 in Book 1.

    Julia Yu
    Lily’s mother. 55 at start of Book 1.

    Edward Yu
    Lily’s father.

    Grandmother (Li Lei Yu)
    Lily’s father’s mother; the Tiger Lady

    Li Qin
    A nebulously related cousin who lives with Grandmother; gentle. “Age had softened the square of Li Qin’s face and blurred the angular body into something more androgynous than feminine. Her voice was her one beauty--low and soft and clear as bells.”


    Isen Turner
    Nokolai Rho or clan chief; Rule’s father.

    Rule’s oldest brother. Tall, muscular, Native American on his mother’s side; considered the greatest living lupi warrior. Responsible for security at Clanhome; trains young Nokolai in combat. Reclusive since the death of his Chosen, Claire. His daughter is Nettie, the shaman/physician.

    Nettie Two Horses
    Tall, coppery-skinned woman with a cloud of frizzy gray hair hanging nearly to her waist. Physician and Shaman. In Book2, it’s revealed that she’s Benedict’s daughter. (She is Nokolai but not lupus, since she’s female.)

    Mick Roberts
    Rule’s second-oldest brother. Resents Rule’s position as Lu Nuncio. Killed in Book 1.

    Toby Asteglio
    Rule’s son; 8 when series opens. Lives with his grandmother on his mother’s side. Visits Rule often.

    A young redheaded lupus who acts as guard.

    Hannah The Nokolai Rhej
    A Rhej (always female) is priestess/bard/clan historian, keeper of the memories—literal memories, magically recorded and retained, stretching back over two thousand years. She’s also the clan’s contact with their Lady. She’s blind but Gifted—physical empathy allows her to read her surroundings and function well.

    Lupi: the Clans

    There are currently 24 clans; 10 are considered dominant. A dominant clan possesses a particularly strong mantle. Occasionally a dominant clan will accept temporary subordinate status to another clan, as Kyffin did with Nokolai in Book 1; it’s still considered dominant because the mantle is unaffected. A clan loses dominant status—and may lose its mantle and identity--when it loses a Clan Challenge. Clan Challenges are rare and can mean outright war, but fundamentally they are a battle between the strengths of the clans’ mantles so they can be settled by individual combat between the two Rhos. All but two of the non-dominant clans are subordinated to one of the dominants. Non-dominant clans are small, since the size of the clan has an effect on the strength of its mantle. Etorri is the exception. It’s very small, yet its mantle is extremely powerful.

    The most powerful clans currently are Nokolai and Leidolf, closely followed by Ybirra and a still-to-be-determined dominant clan that has two subordinate clans. Etorri wields great influence based on its du, though it lacks direct power because of its small size.

    Below are nine of the ten dominant clans:

    Rule’s clan. Rho: Isen Turner. Rhej: Hannah. Originally from the Brittany region of France. Nokolai is the fourth largest clan (Leidolf, Ybirra, and Mendoyo are larger) and has the most subordinate clans—four—and the most wealth.

    A numerous clan, traditional enemies of Nokolai, implicated in the attack on Rule’s father [1, 2, 3] Randall Frey is the Lu Nuncio (heir) in the first 2 books, but is killed in Book 3. The Rho is Victor Frey. Victor’s other son is Brady Gunning, a sociopath: “tall, blond, and bony; nice chest.” Their Rhej is Leah—African American, tall, broad frame, Baptist. Leidolf currently has no subordinate clans; in the past they’ve absorbed (through Clan Challenge) three of the smaller clans.

    Scandinavian; clanhome in Sweden. Ben Larson is Lu Nuncio. Clan members live in Scandinavian countries and in the U.S. Not a large clan, but three small clans are subordinate to Ansgar, increasing its “voice.”

    A tiny clan with great du (honor, face, magic, history); Stephen Andros is Lu Nuncio. Previous Rho was William Carr; current one is Frederick Andros. Follows different rules for succession and does not accept subordinate clans. Clanhome is in Canada. Etorri is said to be Greek, though the identity of its founder is one of many secrets kept by the clan. Etorri is a puzzle to the other clans.

    A Celtic clan; most still live in Ireland and Scotland, some in Wales, but they have an American component. Lu Nuncio: Connolly (Con) McGuire. One subordinate (English) clan.

    The smallest dominant, based in Canada; Jasper Herron, the Rho, is unusually young (40) & a friend of Rule’s. Subordinate to Nokolai for a year and a day, starting in middle of Book 1. The Lu Nuncio is Jasper’s brother, as Jasper’s son is too young. Kyffin’s influence is due largely to their friendly relations with pretty much every other clan.

    The only African clan, started by a small group of lupi who went to northern Africa after the Great War. Out of communication with other clans until 18th c. and have different customs. Lu Nuncio is Ato Tsegaye.

    Hungarian clan that emigrated entirely to U.S.; Rikard Demeny is Lu Nuncio in Book Two. Fierce fighters. One subordinate clan (Czech.)

    Large Spanish clan; the newest clan, founded in 1882 by Tomás Ybirra. Javiero Mendozo is Lu Nuncio. Clanhome in New Mexico. Acquired a subordinate clan four years before the opening of the series.

    FBI: The Unit

    The Unit, as it’s called, is actually Unit 12, a secretive sub-group of the better-known Magical Crimes Division (MCD) of the FBI.

    Martin Croft
    Agent; tall, elegant dresser, African American. Not Gifted.

    Abel Karonski
    Agent; surly, rumpled, avg. height, slightly overweight; white; a witch (Wiccan)

    Dick Hayes
    Acting Director of the FBI in Book 2 while the Director recuperates from open heart surgery. Thin and tense, with a long, horsy face and short gray hair. (“ the straightest eyebrows Lily had ever seen.) They looked as if someone had laid them on with a ruler.” Aka among the rank and file (not affectionately) as the Big Dick.

    Ruben Brooks
    Very thin; a wasting disease confines him to a wheelchair; a “polite steamroller.” He has a narrow face, hooked nose, and a light, clear tenor voice. Amazingly accurate precog (precognition Gift); tests at about 70%, but may be even higher.

    FBI: The Task Force (book 3)

    Sherry O’Shaunessy
    High Priestess for the oldest and largest Wiccan coven in the U.S.; chubby, soccer-grandma look; long gray hair flows to her hips. Water Gift.

    Archbishop Brown
    A fiery Catholic with reformist leanings.

    Dr. Xavier Fagin
    Head of the task force; wild hair like Einstein, abstracted manner, genius—and secretly a touch sensitive, though less powerful than Lily. Foremost scholar on magical history, specializing in pre-Purge days.

    Hikaru Ito
    Japanese expert on symbology; skinny, glasses.


    Demon prince (female)

    A small, lowly demon; selected to possess Lily. Able to travel unsummoned between the realms, a rare ability. In Book 2 becomes female.


    Captain Frederick Randall
    In charge of Homicide; Lily’s superior. As a young patrol cop, rescued Lily.

    SOC officer; Irish, cheerful, likes Lily. A short, chubby man with a wide mouth and red hair cut so short it looks like the fuzz on a peach

    Larry Phillips
    Obnoxious uniformed officer at scene of first killing; over forty, a long, stringy man, well over six feet.

    Frederick Randall
    Homicide captain.

    Mech (Sgt. Mechtle)
    Homicide sergeant.

    Sean Brady
    homicide sergeant

    Carlos Fuentes
    The first victim.

    Rachel Fuentes
    The first victim’s wife; involved with Rule. Hispanic, butt-length hair and large breasts, narrow face, eyes set close over a prominent nose. Carries about fifteen extra pounds.


    Sarah Harris
    Abducted with Lily when the girls were eight. She was killed; Lily lived.

    Ginger Harris
    Sarah Harris’s sister. Present at Club Hell night of first killing; witness against Rule. Disappeared at end of Book 1.

    Most Reverend Patrick Harlowe
    Top minister of the Azá (Church of the Faithful.) Rich, mellow voice; “an older man, with a pleasant but nondescript face. The kind you’d forget two minutes after meeting him.”

    Dirty Harry
    Large, battered orange cat who claims Lily as his human.

    T.J. (Thomas James)
    San Diego homicide detective

    ni’Aureni Aeith
    a Lord of Faerie (mentioned only)

    A mysterious woman Cynna used to know, her former teacher in the Msaidizi or Dizzies; a shetanni mwenye (demon master)