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    Last updated on November 3, 2015
    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Lots of people have lots of questions for Eileen about her current series, The World of the Lupi. We tried to gather the most frequently asked questions here. If you don't see your question here, why don't you pose the question on her facebook page or comment below?

    1. Why isn't TEMPTING DANGER the same story as the “Only Human” short story?

    When I first wrote “Only Human”, I had a terrible time fitting it into the length required for a short story. I wanted more—more space to explore the characters and their world. Fortunately, my editor agreed. But in the process of turning the story into a full-length book, I discovered the truth of the adage that you can’t step in the same stream twice. At least, I can’t. The story grew and changed in so many ways that TEMPTING DANGER bears only a passing resemblance to the novella that gave birth to it. This is confusing for some readers. I’m sorry for that. Perhaps I should be more in control of where my stories go, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

    2. Are there more Kai & Nathan stories?

    Kai and Nathan, introduced in the "Inhuman" novella, have since made important appearances in NIGHT SEASON and RITUAL MAGIC. Now they have their own book: UNBINDING.

    3. What order should I read the books and short stories in?

    We anticipated your question and have a reading list page with a printable PDF for your viewing pleasure!

    4. Whatever happened with Molly and Michael from “Originally Human”?

    They’re on a small yacht cruising the world. There are still people who desperately want to get their hands on Michael, but the Book of All Magic must remain hidden, or the power balance in the realms—all of them—will shift catastrophically. If you ever see Molly and Michael return to the series, well, you’ll know that some very big and bad stuff is happening. Only two things would persuade Michael to come out of hiding: a direct threat to Molly . . . or something along the lines of the end of the world. Um . . . eventually you will see Molly and Michael return . . .

    5. What's the next book, and when is it out?

    MIND MAGIC is book #12, and was released on Nov 3, 2015. This book takes place three months after Lily and Rule return from their honeymoon. Lily's mind is not functioning the way it ought to. She's suffering from hallucinations--which makes this a less than ideal time to be sent on a mysterious errand by the black dragon.

    6. What are you working on now?

    I'm starting on book 13--working title DRAGON SPAWN. Dragons love secrets more than gold, and one of those secrets is about to catapult Lily and Rule into strange and deadly territory.

    7. Will Rule and Lily ever have a baby?

    I used to answer this by saying I didn’t know. I didn’t. Now I do . . . but I’m not telling. ;-)